Romantic Red Rocks Park Engagement

Last year, I met Jessica in a Facebook photography group. She was coming to the east coast from Wyoming for work to take part in a conference hosted in here in the District. After chatting, she booked her solo session with me! June 2019 came, and Jessica came to DC. We met in the NW, and wandered around capturing some beautiful scenery and architecture along the way! We giggled, shared our interests and I introduced her to Peet’s Coffee. She informed me she was heading on a trip with her boyfriend Riley shortly after her return to the West! Me being me, I joked about Riley wanting to propose… well to no surprise, a week later I was greeted by a text with a picture of a shiny piece of bling! Jessica was officially engaged.

Our new-found friendship couldn’t stop there, could it?! Of course not! This was only the beginning.

In September 2019, Jessica and Riley officially joined the HFP family! They have decided to tie the knot in Morris, Colorado – in the Red Rocks Park. Can you say a dang DREAM wedding venue?! I am ecstatic to be able to tag along to document their “I Do’s!” – Watch out Denver! Since September, Jessica and I have joked about me coming out to visit them in Wyoming/Colorado prior to the big day for their engagement session. Thanks to Southwest Airlines for their low-fare calendar sales, a free weekend on my calendar and my passion for travel – I booked my flight to Denver for Leap Day weekend!


Upon arrival, Jessica and I secured a location and time for their shoot the following day. I was over the moon thrilled about a chance to shoot in the Red Rocks Park + Amphitheater! I’m pretty sure I had goosebumps as soon as the County Road opened up and showed me the true beauty this state had to offer. Scouting earlier in the day for the spots I wanted to take these two, I knew this session was going to be magical! The park had SO many different options for backgrounds. I was in heaven!

Now, not all my couples are as trusting as these two. We jumped into the middle of the road for a handful of shots under the great arch. While dodging cars, these two danced together until even I was dizzy! Jessica’s gorgeous champagne dress flowed as they swayed together. Riley even stole a kiss or two 😉 Clearly they’re head over heals for each other!


Now, I am a sucker for romantic gestures – but Jessica went above and beyond on this. She took it upon herself to purchase Riley his own engagement band! Overlooking the valley, Jessica proposed to Riley. HOW DANG CUTE?! Riley was so excited. 

And who said parking lots can’t be romantic? 

Jessica wore her late grandmothers tea-length wedding dress as her second outfit. We headed down to the Trading Post to do a walk-through of their wedding ceremony and reception space! Usually when traveling for a wedding to an area you’ve never been, you don’t necessarily get a walk-through prior to the big moment. This was a huge benefit of coming out to Denver early! I can definitely tell why these two wanted to do the wedding here in the Red Rocks. What better sights!


Overall, I absolutely recommend visiting Denver and the Red Rocks Park + Amphitheater the next time you’re planning a trip. Even as a solo traveler – I had no issues getting around town, I felt safe, people were genuinely nice and approachable, and it wasn’t excessively expensive. I truly can’t wait to get back in September and see these two tie the knot and explore more of the state! 

  1. Heather what an AWESOME write ups totally brought tears to my eyes! You are truly a gifted and special photographer and Jessica is lucky to have found you. You have gone above and beyond scouting out the location ahead of time and making it through your altitude sickness. Of course I am very partial to the subjects but really lovely work.

    • Heather Tolbert says:

      Thank you Karen for the kind words. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the families this September!

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