Richmond Wedding Proposal

I met Brandon in grade school while growing up in the Poconos. We ran in the same circle and instantly hit it off, like the sibling I never had. We stayed close friends ever since! Over the years, I watched him grow into the man he is today – the man Izzy helped him become! I was over the moon when he came to me about a month ago ready to propose and honored to help him plan it all.

Brandon and Izzy met while working together in March 2017. Initially she hated his guts, but over the course of a few months he began to grow on her. By September, numbers were swapped! Izzy asked Brandon out on a date by October of the same year. Shocker right? You go girl for making that first move! They officially began dating 10/10. This past fall, they celebrated three years together!

Brandon was ready to make Izzy his wife and he wanted me to capture the big moment. These two hopped in the car at 6am in the Poconos to come spend the next 24 hours in Richmond! Poor Brandon had to hold his surprise a secret for 6 hours in the car with her. I’m surprised he survived it! Once everyone arrived and got ready, we headed to Maymont.

I knew Brandon couldn’t survive for long, so I got them positioned on the bridge – and somehow snuck the ring into Brandon’s pocket while Izzy was distracted. This was it!

Izzy’s reaction was priceless. She had NO clue what she was in store for! But of course – she said yes – and we all cried. I couldn’t believe we successfully caught her by surprise!

Of course in typical accident-prone Brandon fashion, this goofball nearly chopped the tip of his finger off AGAIN just a few days before the session so excuse the band-aid thumb!

BUT LOOK AT THAT RING YALL. Good choice, Brandon!

No words could explain the energy these two had together following the proposal. This was such a long time coming and I am SO proud to call these two friends of mine!

We rushed off to Sedona for a celebratory dinner and double date following their session! The 24 hours these two spent in town was the longest time I got to spend with them in years. I am so so thankful they came to Richmond! I always enjoy sharing my favorite city and spending time with such loving people. Cheers to forever for these two and I can’t wait to help plan this wedding!

  1. Gloria Scotto says:

    Beautiful story and pictures of such a cute couple ..many years of ❤ ahead for them !

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